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My built-in coffee machine makes too less milk foam or has bad frothing


If you have a built-in coffee machine with a display:

  • If there is solid milk residual in the cup, sometimes is enough to press the "Clean" button, with the machine "Ready for coffee", to clear and clean the parts and have the system perfectly working again. Make also sure the gaskets on the coupling of the milk jug lid are clean and clear from hard milk residuals.
  • Clean only the black milk jug cover in the dishwasher removing the inlet and outlet pipes and the froth regulation lever
  • To improve the froth performance use only cold milk (3 to 7 °C)
  • It could also be, that the steam boiler is probably partially blocked by scales, if the water in your area is too hard. Decalcification carried out at regular intervals cleans the boiler and the hydraulic circuit and avoids that the appliance wears out too quickly. Regularly use a product for decalcification. For decalcification to be effective it must be regularly complete each time the machine requests it. The frequency depends on water hardness in your home. Decalcification is carried out by diluting a dose of product for decalcification with a litre of water, according to the instructions found on the package, in the machine’s tank. Follow the instructions contained in the manual for the complete procedures.

If you have a built-in coffee machine with led only:

  • If steam is as well produced, make sure that there is enough cold milk (60-70cc) in the cup.
  • Make sure that the steam pipe is clean. Remove steam pipe and make sure that the holes are clean.


If the advises above do not solve your problem, there could be a problem with a functional component and this can be resolved by the Service Center.

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