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Tumble dryer displays error message E20, C2 or emits 2 beeps / 2 flashes


  • Tumble dryer displays error message E20, C2 or emits 2 beeps / 2 flashes. It indicates a drainage, pump or software problem.
Applies to
  • Vented dryer
  • Condenser dryer
  • Heat pump dryer

1. Check if the external drain hose is connected correctly to a drain (if applicable).

  • In order to pump out the water directly into a drain, connect an external drain hose to a condensation dryer.
  • There is a red or green hose at the top of the dryer's back. It should be taken out and extended using another length of hose.
  • The water will no longer flow into the water tank, but will flow directly into the drain

2. Check if the drain hose is not twisted or clogged and if it has any loops (if applicable).

  • To avoid the twists, shorten the hose length, so that it hangs down freely into the drain.
  • Failure to do this may cause an error code or a leak.

3. Reset the appliance

  • Remove the plug from the socket, wait 30 seconds and then plug it in again (The same result may be achieved by using the safety switch). 
  • After plugging in the appliance, switch it on and select a program.

4. Contact an Authorized Service Centre

If the above suggestions did not solve the problem, we recommend requesting a visit by a service engineer.

Make a note of the reported error code and quote it when you request an engineer. This will not solve your problem, but it will help our engineer identify the cause of the problem.

Warning: We do not recommend using the product until the problem has been completely fixed. Unplug the product and do not plug it in again until you are certain that it is OK to do so.


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