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Drying cycle is too long


  • The drying programme takes longer than specified in the user manual
  • Drying time shown on the display does not correspond to real drying time
  • After the drying time, which is stated in the user manual, the laundry is still wet
Applies to:
  • Heat pump tumble dryer

1. Spin the laundry well before drying.

2. Do not exceed the maximum load size.

NOTE: The indication of loading quantity always refers to the weight of the dry laundry.

3. Choose the right drying programme.

Make sure that the respective type of washing and the care symbols in the label of the laundry comply with the drying program.

You will find help in the program overview in the user manual.

4. Ensure a room temperature higher than +5°C and lower than +35°C. Optimal room temperature to achieve best drying results is between 19°-24°C.

5. Clean all filters and the heat exchanger regularly and carefully as described in the user manual.

You can download user manual here.