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Washing machine emits noises and shakes while spinning


  • Washing machine emits noises and shakes while spinning
Applies to:
  • Front loader washing machine (integrated and freestanding)
  • Top loader washing machine

1. Make sure that the transit bolts are removed from the back of the appliance

  • Refer to the installation instructions in your user manual or separate installation leaflet supplied with your appliance. 
  • You can download user manual here.

2. Make the washing machine level by raising or lowering the feet

  • Use a spirit level to check whether the machine is level on all its feet.
  • The appliance must be stable on a level, hard floor.
  • You can adjust the feet using a spanner.
  • It is important that the appliance does not “rock”, otherwise, it will vibrate while spinning.

3. Make sure that all the hoses are securely fitted and attached to the back of the appliance’s housing

Loosely fitted hoses can vibrate against the appliance during spinning, producing a “knocking” noise.

4. Check if the laundry is loaded correctly and make sure that there is no fabric caught between the door and drum

5. Check the filter if the machine has one that is visible

  • Loose coins, lighters, buttons or other small objects can get stuck in the drain filter.
  • You can get instructions on how to clean the filter from the user manual. 
  • You can download user manual here.

6. Check the holes for loose straps from bras in the drum / between the drum sections

7. Check if the noises are not the result of normal appliance operation

Normal noise – can occur anywhere during a wash. This noise can be caused by buckles and zips knocking against the window, vibrations during spinning, the pump and motor running, water inflow during filling cycles, a heating element which is warming up, fans operating during drying cycles (washer dryers only), beeps coming from the electronics when changing cycle, starting and ending a wash.    

REMEMBER: A single item can make the appliance unbalanced during spinning in the same way as an overloaded drum can.