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Oven baking trays / roasting tins become warped


  • Warped oven baking trays / roasting tins. They may warp/deform when they are subjected to any stresses, extremely high/low temperatures or uneven heating.
Applies to
  • Integrated oven
  • Freestanding cooker

1. In rare cases baking sheets or roasting tins may deform/warp on heating and, after cooling, return to the original shape.

2. To avoid warped/deformed baking trays/roasting tins, place the baking tray evenly, use appropriate shapes for round pizzas or similar foods and place them on the grate, and if the recipe calls for a preheated oven, always preheat the oven without baking trays.

3. Do not add cold water into hot baking tray/roasting tin to avoid deformation.