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If the robotic vacuum gets stuck (under the bed, between the chairs)


The robotic vacuum will only clean in areas with the proper amount of space. 

If the robotic vacuum still gets stuck:

  •  It will pause normal cleaning and try to free itself. If the robotic vacuum succeeds, it will resume cleaning.

If the robotic vacuum is unable to free itself:

  • It will stop and show an error code on the display.
  • To proceed, place the appliance in the start position and re-start the cleaning.
  • If the robot gets stuck again in the same place, try to block the area to prevent the appliance from accessing it again.
  • For more information please see: (Instruction Book: Preparing the cleaning area).
  • If the problem persists, we recommend contacting an Authorized Service Center.

You can contact an Authorized Service Center by clicking on the link below or via your smart phone app.