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Using dishwashing multi-tablets


When using multi tablets, it may not be necessary to fill the salt dispenser and the surfactant dispenser, depending on water hardness. In hard water areas, salt and surfactant are still recommended for best dishwashing results.

  • Adjust the water hardness electronically to level 1. At this level, the (add salt) indicator will not illuminate on the control panel.
  • Enable the multi-tablet function by pressing the relevant button.
  • Consult the user manual for detailed information. (If you do not have your user manual, refer to Where can I find the user manual for my appliance?).
  • Enable the multi-tablet function before every cycle.
  • If the drying cycle produces poor results, fill the surfactant dispenser and set the water hardness level to 1 or 2.

Note: The multi-tablet function must be enabled after you select a cycle and will not be saved in the memory.