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Refrigerator shows F6 on the display


  • Error message F6 or F7 on the display of my refrigerator / fridge freezer
Applies to: 
  • Refrigerator
  • Fridge freezer

1. Check whether the power supply to the product has been cut off.

2. Avoid leaving the door open for long periods of time.

3. Check whether the door is fully closed.

4. Check whether the appliance is cooling correctly.

  • Measure the temperature with a thermometer in a glass of water placed inside the fridge.
  • If the temperature is between +4 to +5°C, the fridge is working correctly.
  • The core temperature of foodstuffs is more important than the internal air temperature of the fridge, as air temperature will fluctuate during each refrigeration cycle (between the refrigeration compressor starting and stopping).
  • Please note that cheaper thermometers may show variations of ±1–2°C or more. 
  • Adjust the temperature by turning the temperature regulator or via the control panel.

5. If the cause of the problem is a temporarily elevated temperature inside the appliance, the error will disappear a few hours later once the temperature has returned to normal.

6. Contact an Authorized Service Centre.

If the above suggestions did not solve the problem, we recommend requesting a visit by a service engineer.



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