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How to use steam cleaning with AEG oven (video)


  • How to use steam cleaning with AEG oven
Applies to:
  • Steam ovens

1. Remove trays and shelf supports

2. Wipe down whole cavity and inner glass

3. Select Steam Cleaning Plus function in menu under cleaning

4. Fill water tank till maximum level

5. Spray oven cavity with AEG recommended detergent (available in our Webshop)

6. Start the Steam Cleaning Plus function

  • First part takes around 50 minutes
  • Signal sound will notify end of first cycle

7. Turn off signal by pressing OK button

Avoid hot steam when opening door

8. Wipe down cavity

9. Press OK button to start second part of cycle

Second part takes 25 minutes

10. Wipe down cavity

11. Return trays and shelf supports

Refer to the user manual supplied with your appliance. (You can download user manual here).

Instructional video