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How to perform a catalytic cleaning of the oven


  • How to perform a catalytic cleaning of the oven
  • Oven displays CATA (catalytic cleaning reminder)
Applies to:
  • Oven / cooker with a catalytic enamel

1. The cavity is coated with a catalytic enamel. It absorbs fat.

Before you turn on the Catalytic cleaning:

  • remove all the accessories and removable shelf supports.
  • clean the oven floor with warm water and mild detergent.
  • clean the inner door glass with warm water and soft cloth

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2. Select Catalytic cleaning function (electronic ovens), or set oven to Top + Bottom on 250°C for 1 hour (electro-mechanic ovens)

For more information refer to the user manual supplied with your appliance (You can download user manual here).

3. The special oven surface automatically oxidises grease when the oven reaches 250°C

4. Let the oven cool and wipe bottom of the oven

5. Return trays and shelf support

Instructional video