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How to clean AEG gas on glass and electronic gas hob


  • How to clean AEG gas on glass and electronic gas hob
Applies to:
  • electronic gas hobs
  • gas on glass hobs
  • What you need:
    • warm water
    • a moist cloth or sponge
    • micro cloth
    • glass scraper
    • AEG Vitro Care (available in our Webshop)

1. Turn off power to make sure hob cools down

2. Remove pan supports and burners

  • Use AEG Vitro Care for heavily soiled pan supports
  • Remove plastic or sugary food immediately

3. Wipe away all dirt with moist cloth

4. Clean spark plug with moist cloth

5. Clean flame safety device with moist cloth

  • For electronic gas hobs clean metal part to prevent difficult flame recognition
    • F-message can appear when flame recognition is difficult
    • Deactivate and activate the hob
    • When F-message reappears press pause button
    • Then press Hob2Hood within 3 seconds
    • When 0 appear the F-message is cleared

6. Wipe down to dry

7. Return hand-washed burners and hand-washed pan supports

For more information check your gas hob's user manual

Visit the AEG webshop for original maintenance products

Instructional video