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Robotic Vacuums


1. My suction robot does not work. Who can I contact regarding the repair of the vacuum cleaner?

Please contact our competent customer service, tel. 0911 323 2525 (Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm) or to

2. Where can I find the manual for my suction robot?

With the model and product number you can simply download a manual here.

3. The robot stops cleaning and moves back to the charging station. What happened?

The battery charge of the suction robot is low and it has to recharge itself. In this case, the home icon lights and the robot returns to the load base. The battery and play / pause icons flash to indicate that the robot is charging and   then resume the cleaning process where it has stopped. The robot charges up to 80% to continue the cleaning process earlier. Charging time is about 2 hours. The run time after charging is about 80% of the maximum.

4. The robot detects obstacles that do not exist and leaves certain areas.

Probably you have a highly reflective ground or currently strong sunshine on the ground. Thick carpets can also cause this problem. If the robot shows this behavior regularly, please call the Electrolux Service Center. The contact information can be found on the website, in the user manual or in your mobile app.

5. How often should I clean the filter?

For optimal performance, we recommend cleaning the filter after every fifth cleaning and replacing it every 6 months. Filters are available in our webshop.

6. What is the official term?

When the battery is new, the robot runs about 40 minutes, depending on the type of ground. On carpet, more power is consumed in normal operation than on hard ground. The robot can run in ECO mode for up to 60 minutes. Bulky spaces can lead to increased battery consumption.

7. Can I use the robot on a thick carpet? How big is the carpet?

The robot can overcome steps of 2.2 cm height. Note: For a medium-sized carpet (up to 2.2 cm thick), the robot first cleans the carpet and then returns to clean the carpet separately. Carpets that are thicker than 2.2cm are left out by the robot.

8. Can I use the robot to remove water / moisture?

No, the robot is not a wet cleaner and can not be used on wet surfaces or wet particles.

9. WLAN icon does not light up / WLAN symbol flashes

When the robot has lost the WLAN signal, the WLAN icon flashes. Causes can be: Either the WLAN router has failed or the robot is outside the WLAN network. If the robot has not yet been installed, no WLAN icon is visible. If the symbol is lit continuously, the robot has contact with the network.

10. The robot does not find the charging station.

The charging station is too close to other obstacles. Please place the charging station so that the left and right are 0.5m free as well as 1.5m forward. Read more in the usage instructions.

11. Where can I get spare parts for my vacuum cleaner?

Original AEG spare parts can be ordered under tel. 0911 323 2000.

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