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1. How do I connect my electric ceramic or induction cooker to the power supply? 

For information on the connection value of your cooking hob, Eg the product description or instructions for use. Please allow the hob to be connected by a qualified electrician. 

2. Where is the gas hose connection on my hob? 

The gas hose connection is located on the right side of the stove.

3. How do I clean my hob? 

We recommend the use of our glass ceramic cleaning products, which  can be purchased in our webshop. First use the cleaning scraper and then the cleaning agent for the ceramic hob.

4. Why can not I find my cooking area on the site? 

On the website only the models of our current series can be seen. If you can not find your model, it could be an older or special model. Please contact your dealer for more information.

5. My hob displays an error code. What does it mean? 

The error codes have different meanings depending on the problem. With our Troubleshooter you can find an error code and find out how to fix the problem.

6. What are the symbols on my hob? 

If you are not sure of the meaning of the symbols on your device, you can always check the manual supplied. If you do not have your manual, you can download a digital version here.

7. My hob does not work. Who can I contact about the repair of the hob? 

If you can not solve your problem with our Troubleshooter, we will be happy to send you a licensed service technician. Fill out the form to make an appointment.

8. Where can I find the operating instructions for my hob? 

Keep the model and product number by hand. You can then simply download a new guide here.

9. What do I do with scratches on the glass ceramic? 

Superficial scratches on cooking surfaces can occur during daily handling. Since the surface of the cooking fields is usually black without a pattern, the scratches on these - in contrast to cooking areas with decorative printing - are more noticeable. These scratches can not be undone. They are common usage traces which do not impair the operability of the cooking field. They are not covered by the guarantee. To avoid these scratches, immediately remove spilled spices, such as salt, check the bottom of your pots and pans for burrs or stains, do not push them on the hob, but lift them, clean the hob always immediately after use. Care products for the glass ceramic cooking field can be found in our webshop purchase. 

10. There is a crack in my frameless cooking area. Is that normal? 

Cooking fields with frames and frameless variants have injection-molded gaskets through the factory. If the hob is installed, the seal with the frame is automatically and better covered. In the case of a frameless cooking field, a minimal gap always remains, since the material of the seal is applied. In both cases, the cooking field is still somewhat downward during use. The seal is thereby compressed. In order to prevent the seal from protruding below the cooking field after a certain period of use, a minimum gap must be maintained during assembly. There is no error. The device corresponds to the current state of the art. 

11. Duration of the warm-up time at the various cooking stages

The cooking zone is set to full capacity for a short time with the anchoring system. After a predetermined time has elapsed, the cooking zone automatically returns to the previously selected stage. This setting allows high-level boil-up and low-level booting, without having to manually reset the stage. The duration of the warm-up time depends on the stage selected for the fortune. Please refer to the instructions for use, which you can download again here. More information can be found here

12. Cooking field beeps and turns off by itself, for example when water overcooks or two keys are touched at the same time. Why?  

If a button on the hob is touched and the setting is changed, the device always outputs an acoustic signal. This is especially true when the hob is switched on or off. The following situations in which the hob switches off unintentionally are conceivable and do not represent a defect on the appliance:  

  • Water boils over and runs over the control panel: The cooking hob is equipped with a capacitive switch that responds to touch. In this case, the switch can not distinguish whether this contact has been made, for example, by over-boiled water, the finger or a cleaning sponge. 
  • Two sensor surfaces are touched at the same time, for example by placing the flat hand on the control panel. If the hob is switched off for no obvious reason, we recommend that you have this checked by our factory service. Check the temperature here

For further information on the use of the hob, please refer to the operating instructions, which you can download here

13. A dark spot is visible on my cooking zone. What is the reason?  

In such dark areas, the internal wiring area of ​​the radiant heater (only applies to cooking zones with radiant heating). At this point too, heat is transferred to the pot. A remedy is not possible. The dark spot is technically and does not represent a defect in the appliance. The usability of the cooking field is not restricted. 

14. An unusual sound is produced by my induction cooker. Why? 

There are several operating noises :

  • crackling sounds: cooking utensils made of different materials (sandwich construction) 
  • whistles: if you use one or more cooking zones with a large heating stage and the cookware is made of different materials (sandwich construction) 
  • hum: if you use a large heating stage 
  • click : during electronic switching operations 
  • Hissing and hum: The blower is running  

The described noise is normal and does not indicate a defect. 


More information can be found here.

15. Suitable pot material for cooking zones with induction heating 

In the case of cooking zones with induction heating, the heat is generated directly in the pot bottom by a high-frequency, electric magnetic field. The bottom of the pot must therefore also be magnetic. More information can be found here.

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