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Washing Machines


1. Can I connect my washing machine to a hot water line?

We do not recommend connecting to a hot water line. Technically, the inlet valves of our machines are designed for water up to 65 ° C, but the washing programs do not always use hot water and the wash temperature can not be cooled again after running in the water. For example, you would like to have delicate garments, Eg from wool with the cold wash. Since the inlet temperature of the wash water in a hot water line, Eg, 40 ° C, the woolen wash would also be washed at 40 ° C. Continuous hot water can lead to unsatisfactory washing results. Our front and top loader units have been specially designed for installation using a cold water line.

2. Why can not I find my washing machine on the website?

On the website only the models of our current series can be seen. If you can not find your model, it could be an older or special model. Please contact your dealer for more information.

3. My washing machine displays an error code. What does it mean?

The error codes have different meanings depending on the problem. With our Troubleshooter you can find an error code and find out how to fix the problem.

4. What do the icons on my washing machine mean?

If you are not sure of the meaning of the symbols on your device, you can always check the manual supplied. If you do not have your manual, you can download a digital version here.

5. Why does my washing machine smell badly?

This can have different causes. Is it an unpleasant smell or smells the appliance burned? Read more about possible causes and mitigating potential problems in our Troubleshooter.

6. My washing machine does not work. To whom can I contact regarding the repair of the washing machine? 

If you can not solve your problem with our Troubleshooter, we will be happy to send you a licensed service technician. Fill out the form to make an appointment.

7. Where can I find the instruction manual for my washing machine? 

Keep the model and product number by hand, you can simply download a new manual here.

8. Why is a visible point in the bullauge of my washing machine? 

This point is the sprue or injection point, which remains after the manufacturing process. The location is due to production. It does not represent an impairment of the product's properties or a defect. 

9. The washing machine shows EF0. What does that mean?  

The EF0 display can have several causes: 

  • A large or only a few items have been washed: the washing machine does not spin because the laundry has not evenly distributed in the drum. Load the washing machine so that several laundry items are in the washing machine. 
  • The water pressure is too low: Ensure that the water can flow in unhindered way. For this, the water tap should be completely turned on. Some wax machines have a small sieve in the water supply hose, which keeps impurities. Unscrew the water hose from the water tap and, if necessary, clean the strainer with a small brush. 
  • The filter (the lint filter) is clogged or the unit is not pumping properly. Please check that the trap filter is clogged (as described in the instructions for use) and remove any foreign bodies if necessary. Also observe the instructions for the installation of the water drain hose - especially how high the hose may be installed. The hose must be laid without bend. 
  • The detergent has been overdosed: if a large amount of foam is formed, the washing machine does not spin. 

If you recognize one of the points as the cause of the error, the error display disappears automatically when the next program is restarted. If none of the points is correct, or if you hear a continuous pump sound, even if no program is selected, disconnect the mains plug, turn the water tap on and open the appliance door. Order here a service technician who checks your device will fix the defect. 

10. Water or moisture is in the new unit before the first use. Why? 

Each washing machine is subjected to a functional test during the final inspection in which a washing program is simulated. Therefore there is also some water or moisture in the new device. There is no error. It is also not a used device. 

11. Why does an unpleasant odor come from the drum of the washing machine on my new machine? 

Residues from production can cause unpleasant odors. These are non-hazardous. Start a wash program with high temperature and half load. After a few wash cycles no unpleasant odor should be present. Holds the unpleasant odor to permanently, we recommend here a service technician who checks your device and can fix upon a defect. 

12. The energy consumption meter indicates a too high standby consumption. What should I do? 

In the case of the energy consumption measuring devices, there are devices which only display the apparent power and not the actually consumed active power. The apparent power consists of the blind and real power. Only the real power is decisive for the energy consumption. Thus, too high a value is measured. When selecting the energy consumption meter, please make sure that it can also display the actual power. 

13. The wash time is longer than indicated in the display. What is the reason?  

When you set a wash program, the program displays a projected program time. Depending on the model and the wash program, this display may correct the program duration at the beginning or during the wash program. This value is an estimate which in most cases is very close to the actual program length. Factors that influence the duration of the program are: amount of laundry, water inlet temperature, water pressure, excessive frothing and imbalance. In order to keep the program running time as low as possible, you should pay particular attention to the following factors: water pressure, detergent dosing and a uniform loading of the washing machine. 

14. Is the wool damaged during intermediate spin in the wool program? 

All washing programs have been specially developed for the various tissue types and have been extensively tested in the laboratory. The wool program in your LAVAMAT was mainly tested for wool shrinkage and is suitable for handwashable wool. Since wool is very sensitive to movement in the wet state and can shrink when subjected to great mechanics, the mechanics in the wool program are reduced by:  

  • Low load. Information on the maximum load quantity can be found in the operating instructions. Download here
  • High water level during washing. 
  • Little and gentle movement in the drum 
  • By using wool detergent

For the rinsing of the wool, intermediate centrifuging takes place. The wool is laid like a ring on the drum and the wash liquor is carefully removed. 

15. The washing machine does not turn on. What should I do?  

To turn the unit on, press the ON / OFF button for at least 2-3 seconds. Helps you this tip no further, we recommend here to order a service technician who checks your device and can fix upon a defect. 

16. How can my front loader washing machine be transported? 

If the washing machine is new and still packed in its original packaging, the package contains instructions for transport. If the washing machine has already been used, all transport safety devices that were available when purchasing this washing machine must be installed before transport. If you no longer have these transports, you can purchase them in our webshop. Front loader Washing machines and tumble dryers should be transported standing. If this is not possible, the device can be transported lying on the left side, on which the detergent drawer is located. The washing machine should be slightly elevated in the upper area, so that the device is at an angle. 

17. Why can not the lid of my top loader close? 

One possible cause of this error is that one of the two pins has loosened in the cover hinge. To correct this error, simply slide the pen back to its original position. If this does not continue, we recommend you here to order a service technician who checks your device and can fix upon a defect.

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